Friday, March 27, 2015

MINI detailing - the supplies, starting stripe removal

Just wanted to create a post(s) covering some detailing of my MINI (I'll do my wife's Camry as well) that I have planned. I'm actually taking a couple days off work so I can take my time. Not real sure how extensive the detailing will be - I may not get to the interior too much. I'm mainly focused on paint correction. After seven years and over 175,000 miles, the paint is starting to show the stress of being a daily driver. Overall things are still in pretty good shape, but all the washing and regular wax jobs have left things looking swirly and in need of major polish and wax job. I'm also going to take the opportunity to lay down some new stripes as the current set are stained and cracking badly.

The Supplies

Since I have had my MINI, all of the waxing has been by hand or with some cheap orbiters. This did ok as I established a good base when I first got the MINI. To handle some paint correction though, I needed something a little more serious. So, I managed to snag a Porter Cable orbiter/polisher off of eBay. After spending quite a bit of time researching options, I ended up going with Poorboy's World products for this go round. In the past I've used Prima products and was pleased with them. The last time though I used Griot's and I did not like it. Hopefully this PW stuff will work out.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mapping project surfaces on new page

I think I posted about this on the THMMC web site, but figured I would add an entry here in case no one has noticed the new page link in the menu bar. You'll see there is now a link to a page called "Maps & Routes". This is part of an effort I've started to try to document and bring some order to all of the routes that I've put together the past few years. As of this morning, I completed the events I did during 2014 with the Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club, so it seemed like a good time to highlight the new page.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

New fountain pen brings several topics together

New Lamy Al-Star fountain pen with violet ink cartridge
The other day I posted about the new Bible reading plan I prepared for 2015 and mentioned that I had one last tool to collect related to that effort. That tool is a new pen that I'm hoping to use for making notes in the Bible and in a notebook as I read through and study the Bible.

Sunday evening I placed an order for a new Lamy Al-Star fountain pen from JetPens. I had started my search looking for a purple fountain pen. There are not a whole lot out there. Lamy has their Al-Star in purple and since I have some Lamy Safari pens, which are essentially the same with the Al-Star being made out of aluminum instead of the Safari's plastic, it seemed like a good choice. I also ordered some violet ink cartridges (one day I'll start filling a converter) to use and went with an Extra Fine nib.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

MiLB teams in Google My Maps

Just thought I'd share a small project I've been working on bit by bit over the past several days. This all started while I was working on a Minor adventure I hope to do this coming summer. You'll notice I capitalized "minor" - that is a clue that it involves Minor League Baseball. The plan is to take in the Carolina League's North division over the course of several consecutive days. The tentative plan is to invite MINI folks along for the ride, so I've been trying to work on some twisty routes between stadiums.

Last weekend I discovered that most of the teams had posted game times for the upcoming season. While working on the schedule it turned out one of the teams is holding a day game, which would leave the evening free. Can't have that, so I started searching and found another MiLB team in the area had an evening game the same day, so I squeezed that into my plans. That did get me to wondering about having a map available of all MiLB teams.

Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Bible Reading Plan

The Sportsman's Bible HCSB - camo cover
The start of a new year approaching can only mean it is also time for a new Bible reading cycle to start for many people, myself included. I suppose it is good timing since I just finished up my latest reading of the New Testament. As I seem to do, I took a look around the Internet to see if I could find a different spin on Bible reading plans. That Discoverer nature coming through I suppose.

Probably the most promising one I found was from the Downtown Cornerstone Church in Seattle. It is not keyed to specific months, so you can really start it any time. I also liked the fact that it included "rest" periods each month with only 25 days scheduled. The other days could be used for catching up if needed or perhaps some additional study. This particular reading plan was a merger of the M'Cheyne Bible Reading and Navigator Bible Reading plans.

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Google Glass joins my stable of tech gadgets

After a long wait, including an Indiegogo campaign, I have finally joined the ranks of Explorers who have Google Glass devices. I guess this is appropriate given my Kingdomality personality style is the Discoverer. As you can tell from the pictures, I went with the Tangerine color as it was available. I'm really not sure how much I would wear Glass in say the work environment or other professional settings, so I'm not really too concerned with them being "discrete".

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adding a little balanced scorecard concept to Todoist

This new Karma layout in Todoist is telling
me something!
Recently Todoist introduced some new changes to their Karma system in their task management application. For those not familiar, Karma is a gamification system that Todoist incorporates in the app. The idea is that completion, or at least management, of todos and use of various functions of the app will increase a user's scores. Over time, as their scores increase, users can reach certain levels of achievement.

Mixed in with the Karma function, Todoist includes a variety of charts and data about tasks that have been completed. Part of the new features Todoist introduced is a method to track streaks where users reach daily and weekly goals for the completion of tasks. Although that feature is not the focus of this post, it is what triggered my latest changes in how I have Todoist configured.

Shortly after the introduction of updated Karma, I was checking out how my streaks were going when I noticed something about the charts showing the number of completed tasks as a horizontal bar chart. If you look at the screenshot I captured when I had this epiphany, you'll notice that my bars are dominated by a single color, blue. For those not familiar, the different colors in the chart correspond to the Project labels that you can setup in Todoist. The color, blue in this case, corresponds to the Standalone category that I had setup the last time I worked on my Todoist configuration.