Friday, March 30, 2007

Ooooh - something shiny and new

As you can see, I am attempting to get WordPress up and running in order to provide a "blog" portion of the totehmoon web site.  Why?  Well, mainly because I am getting increasingly frustrated with the blogging capability of the CMS Made Simple package that I use for the site proper.  While it has been a great package for setting up static pages (e.g. editing the Soccer page was very easy), it does not lend itself to blogging.  Not that I was doing much blogging over there.  Perhaps because that function was so bad?

Anyway, I run another site that uses the Serendipity blogging software.  It works great for that site and I have enjoyed writing on it.  However, it is not something that I want to get in and hack the formatting and stuff.  Whereas, I do want to do that here.  So, it was time to try deploying something new.  Given what all I've seen out there, I figured I would try WordPress as it is probably one of the more "mainline" packages available.

So standby and hopefully I'll have this thing figured out and running and incorporated into the site proper in a short period of time.

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