Monday, April 16, 2007

Real Customer Support Surveys Me

Just a follow up to my tale of woe in trying to cancel a account. Got an e-mail from Real Customer Support asking me to complete an on-line survey regarding my "experience". Can you guess how that went?

I didn't completely blast 'em. I gave them middle of the road scores on how well the rep handled my call (once I finally got through to someone). He wasn't great, but not bad either. I did let them know that I was "extremely dissatisfied" with the ability to (I guess I should say lack of ability) cancel on-line, along with the trouble I had getting through (long waits, limited hours). I thought it was pretty hilarious that one of the questions was asking why I decided to phone customer support after having visited the customer support web site. They apparently don't understand that having a customer support web site is not much use if customers can't support themselves - is it any wonder they have to call?

In the end, I told them that I thought the whole experience would make me never want to do business with them again and that I would recommend against anyone I know from doing business with them. And I thought the way does business is a bad reflection on their partner, the NFL.

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