Wednesday, August 29, 2007

BSC Logo Test

BSC Flames Logo
Click image for larger size and transparent background.

Thought I'd post this version of a logo for the Burlington Soccer Club that I put together. A couple weeks ago I agreed to serve as the team manager for the U10 Girls Gold team. In some of the materials I've received, I noticed that the graphic for the club was just a large version of the one used on their website. Thus, there was some seriously bad pixelization going on.

I've always enjoyed doing graphics work on the computer. Probably leftover from one of my former hobbies which involved a lot of graphics work. So, I wanted to do a couple things - a)clean up the logo so it could be used in documents and other files at a larger size than what is on the web site and look decent and b)think about making it a little snazzier. With regard to the second, I reviewed a bunch of soccer logos that I found at the LogoServer web site. That is a really cool site in compiling into a single place all the unique logos out there (and not just from soccer).

With that, I had to think about what might be meaningful to the BSC. Since they work so closely with the Elon University Phoenix, I thought about the story of the Phoenix burning itself up in flames and then rising from the ashes. So flames seemed to make sense and they would fit well with the existing maroon and gold colors of the club. I also felt a soccer ball should be part of a logo for a soccer club, so that was added.

The result is what you see with the new ball behind the intertwined BSC and flames trailing from it. I tried to give it a sense of the ball coming up through the circle that forms the outer part of the existing logo. Also added some drop shadows so it will look a little better on computer screens. The main issue I still have is the BSC in the middle. I think it gets lost against the soccer ball in the background. Part of that is due to the lightweight font used (which I could not match up perfectly) and I wanted to keep that. If I were going to make further changes, it might be to switch that to something heavier like Impact.

You might note that the version show above has a black background. That is something that was introduced by WordPress in the process of uploading the file and creating a thumbnail. I'm not sure why it did that, except that it probably has some trouble with .png files. Go figure. Anyway, if you click on the image, you'll see the file without the black background. [Update: OK, I couldn't stand the black and fixed a version with a clear background and manually uploaded it.  You can still see what I was talking about with the png file below. - JGC]

Below are a couple versions I made that you may want to download if you really like this. One of them is the file I made for the background on my desktop PC, which runs dual monitors, so I needed it to fit on one screen and then tile to the other. The other is a version for my laptop which has a wide screen. And since it is running Windows, I also had to create it as a jpg file since Windows doesn't know what to do with png files.

BSC Flames background 1024×768
The png version at 1024x768.
BSC Flames background 1280×730
The jpg version at 1280x730.

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