Sunday, August 05, 2007

Kids, Kids, Church and Planes

Wow, it is amazing how backed up my list of things to write about can get. Now I'm challenged with trying to decide whether I should just throw a whole bunch of stuff in a single post or split them up. That's the recommended way to handle e-mail - a single subject per message - that I try to stick to even if I have to send someone 2-3 e-mails in succession. And if I split this up, it would be more entries making the blog look more active. But, I think I'll just stick with one entry. Err, never mind. I did a couple sections and decided I better split it up a little bit.


A little over a week ago, we took our kids to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences and the NC Museum of History in Raleigh. I had been in the lobby of the Museum of History once before. Otherwise, it had been since my childhood and the old facilities when I was last i n either one. The Museum of Natural Sciences was pretty good with lots to see. My kids got to pet an alligator and were amazed by that.

The funniest part of the day was in the Museum of History, which seemed kind of lacking to me. We were going through one wing - the Sports Hall of Fame, when we came across a display about media and sports. I'm sure some of you have heard speakers discuss how today's children have grown up in a world where we have always had cell phones and TV remote controls and a seemingly endless list of other technologies. Those discussions became real for me when we hit that display as the kids were all asking, "what's that Daddy - a computer?" My reply - "no, that's a typewriter. "What's a typewriter?" they asked. So I had to explain it to them.

Fall Sports Starting Up

The past couple weeks have become very busy for the family. My son has started playing football for the Graham Rec Department in the mite division. It is his first year doing so and is probably the most intense activity he has been involved with. I'm not entirely convinced it is something he will enjoy or stick with, but he is doing good so far. It will be interesting to see how he can grow through this experience.

Meanwhile, our girls made it onto the Burlington Soccer Club U10 team. As some may recall, we had some mixed experience with the Rainbow Soccer ADP program over in Chapel Hill. Hopefully this will be a better experience, even though they are basically having to play "up" an age division. From the tryouts, soccer camp, and a training session they did this past week though, I think they will do just fine. Maybe even excel. They are really quite amazing to watch, but I am biased.

All these activities have started to eat up the evenings though.

Meanwhile, for anyone wondering, I am not coaching soccer this fall. Not sure whether I would have had time or not. I'll never know though as the Graham Rec Department never bothered to contact me to see if I wanted to continue volunteering as a coach. I hate it for the kids that I had been working with on the Slammers.

Church Notes

I actually have several pages of notes from church services for the past several weeks. I think I will write about them separately since I could spend quite a bit of time on them. I did want to write about a visit from a few weeks ago by Bob and Hope Carter. They are missionaries in Africa working the Serving In Mission project. I gather from everyone's response and their own thoughts they shared during the service, that they are members of Graham Friends. There were two things that I found interesting about the Sunday service when they were present. First, I found Bob's lesson interesting in how he mixed in thoughts about the Quaker testimonies and how they can be put into action in our lives. Regular readers know that Graham Friends has really become a non-denominational church (though I think they may still be struggling with that concept). Nevertheless, the Quaker tradition is very strong and it is a faith I continue to try to learn about. So it was interesting to hear Bob discussing the testimonies which I had really only read about up to that point.

The other thing about that Sunday service was that I really felt God moving in and around me. It is a hard sensation to explain, but I could certainly feel the desire to try to live up to what God hopes for each of us. That got me to wondering whether it had anything to do with the Carter's being present that Sunday. They are certainly people who are leading their lives in service to God to a much greater extent than I am (and I expect a great many other people). I am sure God is working through them. Is it possible he is so strongly present with them that others can sense it on some level (notwithstanding the obvious point that anything is possible for God)?

Taking Flight

As I bring this entry to a close, I'll just note that Alamance Community College has released their fall schedule. Once again, they have a listing for Ground School for Pilots. It is something I would like to do so I can eventually fly a plane. Last spring I inquired and the instructor indicated they had to have a minimum number sign up. They didn't last Spring. Hopefully it will happen this time and I can take that step.

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