Sunday, October 21, 2007

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First picFirst Nikon D40 pic - Claire hamming it up in my Undertaker hat.

As some may know from past posts, I have been hoping and working towards obtaining a digital SLR camera for a long time. Photography has always been something I've been interested in and enjoyed. With kids, it has become even more of a longing for me to have a really good camera to capture images of their lives as they grow up.

So a few weeks ago while talking with some other parents prior to one of my girls' soccer games, we were discussing my desire for a new camera. My wife made the comment that if I got a new job, she'd get me the camera I wanted. Lo and behold, the next day was when I was contacted with a job offer from the DHA. Fast forward a week or two and my wife was asking what I wanted for my birthday. I took the opportunity to remind her she had made a deal with the devil and owed me a digital SLR. :-)

So, she allowed me to order one (the married folks know how that works!). I got a Nikon D40 kit off of eBay. I was a little worried about it being a knock-off because the kit I ordered included so much stuff, it didn't seem possible they could sell it for the same price as a local retail store. By my estimates, I probably got about $200 of extra stuff - some good, some not, but all gravy in my opinion. I did figure out the company is saving some money by doing things like sending a non-AF-S telephoto lens with the kit they sell. That means I have to focus manually (well, at least until I spring for an AF-S telephoto lens!).

This weekend was my first weekend with it. Just on Saturday I think I took about 700 pics between my girls' soccer game and my son's football game. One of the nice things about having this camera is I can finally get some good shots of my son. The Coolpix 4600 simply couldn't give me a good picture of my son playing football because we are always too far away in the stands. In the past, another parent connected with the soccer team always got pictures, so we had plenty of pictures of my girls playing over at the BSC web site. But nothing of my son. That's changed I was able to grab some shots (below - and my apologies, I forgot how poorly Wordpress deals with the transparency when converting my png images to thumbnails). Alas, my son didn't get to play any. That's probably a whole 'nother blog entry about the problem of his coach in developing (or perhaps I should say failing to develop) football skills and a love of the game in the youth assigned to him.

So, I'm still experimenting with the camera and learning all the nuances of how to be a better photographer. Hopefully it will not be too long before I can get some seriously good lightning shots. And who knows what else.

Click on pic for larger size!

William in football gearWilliam in football gear
William in football gear
OK, how did Wordpress manage to correctly process the drop shadow for this thumbnail?
William in football gear

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