Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Photo Project

As readers probably know, last fall I got a new Nikon D-SLR camera and have been enjoying working on my photography craft.  One of the things I've been thinking about doing is creating a portfolio (or more likely, portfolios) of my work.  Although I've taken an abundance of soccer and vacation photos, I don't have much else.  A few sunrises and sunsets maybe.  Of course, there is a lot more I'm interested.  First up is my interest in capturing lightning.  I've started dabbling a bit with some moon shots.  And there is a lot of other stuff I'd like to get around to eventually.

In some research I did on how to go about building a portfolio, one "tool" for doing so is a project referred to as "picture a day" or PAD.  Doing a picture a day seems a little daunting to me.  But I suppose over the course of a year, it does give one a lot of opportunity to practice different photography skills.  So, though I'm unsure about how I'm going to approach, I've decided to jump right in starting on Feb. 01, 2008.

The next step was to figure out a way to share the growing portfolio for the 2008 PAD.  I was recently getting my eyes checked and my doctor uses Flickr for his photos.  So I was just about poised to figure out how to create a link or otherwise integrate Flickr with the ToTehMoon site.  That plan hit a snag yesterday when it was announced that Microsoft had made a bid of $44B to purchase Yahoo!  The problem with that is Yahoo! owns Flickr, so if the deal goes through, Microsoft will own Flickr.  Since I try to avoid all things Microsoft, Flickr is no longer a real good option (even though there is some question as to whether the announced deal would receive regulatory approval - they are the #2 and #3 search engines and their merger would put like 95% of the search market in the hands of two companies - Google and Microsoft).  So I did some searching and found the NexGen plugin in for WordPress.  It lets me create photo galleries and albums here on the ToTehMoon site.

I am still working on some other issues - trying to get wireless to work on a laptop, trying to figure out why the remote desktop connection to Strategic Innovation laptop is not working, etc.  Hopefully it won't take long (like sometime today) to get the next photo up.  I probably will finish watching The Fantastic Four.

Anyway, you should notice the link to the 2008 Photo A Day page.  I doubt I'll blog about every photo I take.  But at least the first probably deserves a little mention.  It seems like such a mundane photo - the gas price sign when I stopped to fill up on the way to work.  But it helps chronicle the time when the project started and begs the question - what will it be a year from now, at the end of the project? As the year progresses, I'll see what kind of skills I'm able to develop.  For instance, right now I've been struggling to get good action photos of my kids playing basketball.  It is a challenge as the gym is not lit very well, which makes it hard to get the shutter speed fast enough to capture the action.

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