Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Door Opens - RIP Gary Gygax

What a sad day.  At least for me and millions of other gamers.  That is because the news came out late this afternoon that Gary Gygax had passed away.  Who is Gary Gygax?  He was one of the co-inventors of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.  Being fairly geeky myself, it should probably come as no surprise that I played D&D in my youth.  I recall many great times playing D&D with my friends starting in my junior high school years.  Staying up all night while we worked through a campaign.  Collecting dice of numerous sides, colors, and materials.  One of my favorite activities was painting the miniature figurines that we used on the "board".  Creating campaigns and maps.  And of course, creating a fictional character.

D&D also gave me an opportunity to attend some gaming conventions (which in turn gave me an opportunity to spend some time on a university campus - NCSU of course).  I still feel all nostalgic when I see the rack of D&D materials in a Barnes & Noble.

A while back (maybe one or two summers ago) I had to help my mother clean out some storage space.  And in there was my bag full of D&D books, some quarter-century old now, along with some of the other paraphernalia.  Not being ready to part with it after all this time, I currently have it sitting on top of a stack of some of my stuff in the garage.

So rest in peace Gary and thanks for all the great times your work and imagination provided.

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