Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daughters and Railhawks

railhawks_logo.pngLast weekend I got to spend a wonderful Saturday evening with my daughters at the home opener for the Carolina Railhawks.  They are a "minor league" soccer team based in Cary, NC.  My girls chose the game as their "turn" to do something as their older brother got to attend a Carolina Hurricanes game with me 3 or 4 years ago.  Those with children know how that works.

I really enjoyed the game.  With all the games my girls play in, I have really gotten to where I enjoy watching soccer even when they are not playing.  In person was great.  It is too bad the tickets are as expensive as they are, or I might be tempted to buy some season tickets.  The game itself was a close match as the Railhawks pulled off a 1-0 victory over the Charleston Battery.

The other interesting thing for me was all the tie-ins with Cary.  Since the soccer complex itself is located in Cary, I suppose they kind of consider it their team.  So lots of the advertising was Cary businesses, the post-game watering hole is a pub in Cary, etc.  Having grown up in Cary many years ago when it was about a tenth of the size it is now, it was one of those, "who'd a thunk it?" moments.

Perhaps the kicker to the evening was when we arrived at the soccer park.  Just as we got there a silver Mini Cooper showed up and turned in front of us, also on their way to the game.  We ended up parked right next to each other.  And a few minutes later, a Pepper White Mini parked on the same row - we followed them out.

So, soccer, Minis, and a great night with my girls!


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