Monday, July 14, 2008


Shoot. 283 days. That's the number of days my server (SLES 10) at home has been up and running. I was hoping to make it at least a year. Sadly, that attempt has been thwarted by the need for a new air conditioner at our house, which in turn required all power to be shut off. So, I had to take the server down last night. I suppose technically I can continue the count to a whole year as it was not really a crash or lockup that was the cause for the server going down. Gotta love that Linux running like that on equipment circa 2000.

Kind of interesting to compare that with some of our users at my office. Their computers got so filled up with stuff, that Windows starting choking on the lack of hard drive space. Let that go long enough like what happened at the office, and the Windows stuff just dies. I suppose a complete reinstall might help restore them. Meanwhile, my server at home had actually filled up (with data mostly) and reported that to me while I was in the middle of saving some photos to it. But I was able to go in there, do some maintenance to clean out some stuff I no longer needed, freeing up about 2GB of space in the process, and the server kept on keeping on. No reboots, no crashes, etc. Of course, that is really only a temporary fix. I'm either going to have to upgrade the server or archive some stuff to DVD/CD.

On a related note, my desktop end user PC at home, an OpenSuSE 10.3 box, had been running for 117 days. It is a little easier to get it to lock up with all the stuff I mess around with and test on it. Still, over three months since that last reboot - not too shabby.

Finally, since it is not worth its own post and kind of relates, I was at Office Depot a couple days ago and noticed that they were selling boxed, retail copies of Windows XP, both Home and Professional. I thought the major retailers were not supposed to be doing that for some time now, selling only Windows Vista. We even have to jump through hoops now at the office to get the XP "downgrade" when we order new PC's (no Vista for us). Meanwhile, Best Buy has announced that they are going to start selling boxed copies of Ubuntu with installation and support services provided. I'm not a big fan of Ubuntu, but I may buy a copy just to show my support and help encourage wider adoption of Linux of whatever flavor.

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