Sunday, July 06, 2008

Maybe this is part of the reason...

that I like my Mini so much?  Besides the incredibly fun driving! Earlier I was on the Mini USA web site hoping to find out how much some driving lamps would cost.  Unfortunately, the Flash part of the site showing accessories would not load (leave it to the proprietary stuff to not work).  Down in the bottom corner of the page, Mini throws in little gadgets to let users have fun with the web site.  Lo and behold, the one that I kept getting displayed this message:

Buggy with Internet Explorer

Haha - buggy with Internet Explorer. Being a Firefox user and supporter, you know I love seeing the erosion of IE's market share.  I've been noticing more and more sites that include Firefox (and often Safari, sometimes Opera) as browsers the site works best with.  I don't recall specifically which site I was on recently, but I did run across one that indicated it works best with Firefox and no mention of IE.  Of course, that is always offset just a little bit when I run across stuff like the FCC site for applying for a radio license (like the one I need to legally operate my GMRS two-way radios) that appears to only work with IE.  Given the increasing pervasiveness of Linux, Firefox, and other F/OSS in the government, kind of surprising the FCC is still imposing such a limitation on its web users.  So it was truly amusing to see a warning on a site that some feature might even be buggy with IE (and yes, it worked fine with Firefox!).

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