Tuesday, July 29, 2008

OpenOffice.org Big Winner in SourceForge Contest

I'm not sure how long the contest has been open and collecting votes, but SourceForge.net announced the winners of its Community Choice Awards on July 28th at OSCON, an open source convention.  The coverage I found from IT World thinks OpenOffice.org was the big winner as it was named Best Project, Best Project for the Enterprise, and Best Project for Educators.  Obviously you'll get no argument from me on that.

The IT World coverage also noted that Linux was voted most likely to change the world.  And yes, I would have to agree with Neil McAllister that changing the world has already been accomplished.  Lately I've been reading a lot about how Linux is becoming so ubiquitous on servers and embedded devices, but still struggles in the desktop market.  That particular argument was recently repeated at a blog by someone who covers non-profits and technology.  I first discovered that when I got the notice about the webinar she indicates she was holding about Linux on the desktop.  Personally, I'm not sure why NTEN would get someone to do a webinar who has announced she is abandoning her attempts to use Linux on the desktop because it is just too hard for them.  I'd have been glad to speak myself about my successful deployment of Linux on the desktop and how I run my own business using it.  Given all the recent announcements about further offerings of Linux desktops and laptops by major vendors and retailers, even outside of the business/enterprise market, it seems end users are increasingly coming to the opposite conclusion.

Besides the OpenOffice.org and Linux awards, I also noted some other packages I like and use that won awards.  phpMyAdmin was selected Most Likely to Be the Next $1B Acquisition and Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins.  phpMyAdmin is a web front end for managing MySQL databases.  My web hosts use it and it is where I first became familiar with it.  Since then, I've also deployed it on my own server to manage databases.  Also on the list is the VLC media player, which I use in both Linux and Windows environments, as Best Project for Multimedia.

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