Saturday, August 16, 2008

CSI: Graham

Cut on Zeus’ tail
This is the cut, after being cared for, that made our house look like a Halloween bloodbath had occurred.

One of my favorite shows to watch on TV is CSI. The original one, set in Las Vegas. To this day I still find it interesting that William Peterson is one of the stars as I remember him from a movie that I really liked - To Live and Die In LA. That was one of the first movies that I ever saw where a main character (perhaps THE main character) died before the end of the movie.

Anyway, thanks to Spike TV aka the CSI 24/7 Channel, I not only have seen every episode, I've seen most episodes multiple times. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting to be like John Boy from the The Big Show who knows everything there is to know about The Andy Griffith Show - except my trivia covers CSI. My wife and I joke at times about all the hints CSI has provided on how to kill someone and then conceal that (or not).

So the other night I rolled home about the same time as my wife with the kids. We got inside and everyone was in the kitchen, with my son starting on his homework and the rest of us trying to figure out what to do for dinner. Lo and behold, my son asks what all that "stuff" is all over the door to the pantry. It was a bunch of red stuff spattered all over the door. After a couple seconds of looking at it, I realized it was blood drops sprayed all over it. We quickly checked everyone - nope, no one complaining of any cuts. It actually crossed my mind for a second or two that maybe someone had broken into our house and something had happened that resulted in them bleeding all over the place. Then I had an even better thought - where is the dog?

Zeus was laying over in the den chewing on something. We called him over to the kitchen and started looking over him. Once again it was my son that spotted the problem - a two inch or so gash on the end of Zeus' tail that was bleeding profusely. Being a mix of Great Dane and Black Lab, Zeus has a very long tail. Sure enough, when he would wag that tail it would start slinging blood from the cut.

My wife proceeded to take Zeus to the vet where they had to put some staples and skin glue on the cut to try to seal it up. Interestingly, Zeus never seemed to really register that his tail was cut. Makes me wonder what kind of nerve endings he has there (or is missing). In the meantime, I got stuck with trying to clean up the blood. And wow, what a job. It was on every door and wall in the kitchen and quite a few places in each of the dens. I went through two "Magic Erasers" and the last of our Greased Lightning trying to get it cleaned up. Amazingly, it took me as long to get all the blood cleaned up as it took my wife to take the dog to the emergency vet, get him taken care of, and get back home.

One of the things I learned - don't kill anyone in a manner that involves a lot of blood. The cleanup is a pain in the butt. And hopefully no CSI's will be coming to our house and using that blue light or the chemical that reveals blood - they'll think some grotesque murder occurred based on the blood stains all over the kitchen. The good news is that Zeus is doing well and the cut appears to be healing quite nicely.

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