Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some Lightning Strikes

A couple weeks ago I managed to catch a few days of vacation down at Sunset Beach. On Friday evening, a storm rolled through just after 11 p.m., giving me the opportunity to try to capture a few shots of lightning bolts. Don't ask me why, but I do enjoy trying to capture a picture of a bolt of lightning. Perhaps it is the challenge involved given the camera I have to use (a Nikon 4600). It is rather slow, but I have learned that if I use the "fireworks" setting I can usually catch at least something. Perhaps one day I'll get that good digital SLR and it will be much easier. Anyway, of all the photography I do (or try to do), I find catching lightning to be the best.

Bolt 1
Bolt 1 - the first one I caught.
Bolt 2
Bolt 2 - looking across the canal.
Bolt 3
Bolt 3 - very close to lightning striking the same place twice imo.
Bolt 4
Bolt 4 - caught this one on the move as the camera started out pointed in another direction.

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