Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Return of Slick

This morning I did it. Once again, I shaved my head. Woohoo!!! Been about three or four years since I was last bald. I'm sure bald is probably not the best look for me, but the feeling is great. One of the best parts of maintaining a bald head are those few minutes in the shower in the morning when I'm shaving my head. A nice, relaxing few minutes to concentrate on getting everything nice and smooth again. The other nice part is when I'm sitting around working on something and rub my head in thought. Somehow focusing. Anyway, the head is really a sickly white right now (with pockmark looking discolorations). It will take a few weeks for it to get nice and tanned.

HeadBlade logoThe last time I went bald, I tried a combination of razors. But all that I tried were normal razors like the Gillette Sensor that I use for my face. I eventually settled on the realization that the main key was keeping good blades on the razor. This time however, I spent a few dollars to invest in a HeadBlade. I have to say it was well worth it. Ergonomically it is shaped to really "fit" into your head in the posture you have to be in to shave your head. They claim all you have to do is keep it in the right position and you barely need any pressure. I pretty much found that to be true and it was very easy to move along to the different parts of my head. And for any other head shavers out there, I prefer to go against the grain. You know what I mean.

The other investment I made was in a tube of HeadSlick. This is basically shaving cream, but they formulate it especially for your head. Which believe it or not, is some pretty sensitive skin, so you do have to be careful with what you put on it. This turned out to be a worthy investment. Just before leaving for the beach, the bottom of my Edge Gel can ruptured. Just a pin hole, but enough for the gel to start foaming out. This is the second can in a row to suffer a failure in the material. The last time it occurred when I wasn't around and I came home to a drawer full of foam. Anyway, since it happened as I was packing up, it meant I ended up down here at the beach with no shaving cream. Well, the HeadSlick stuff says it is good for everything from the head on down. So, I also tried it on my face. I'd have to rate it about 10 times better than regular shaving cream in creating a nice, slick shaving surface. Awesome, really. The only thing that was kind of questionable for me was the fact that it was mentholated and when I was doing my face, I could really smell that. Not sure how I liked that, but I'm sure I'll learn to live with it, if not like it.

After I finished up and put some aftershave cream on my head, I decided to order some HeadLube Lotion. I've been using some cream from Adidas (I don't think they make it any more). It works pretty well, but I figured if the HeadSlick was so much better than regular shaving cream, the HeadBlade folks must know what they are doing and I wanted in on some of that. I went for the glossy version as I prefer a nice, shiny head. I also ordered some HeadShade sunscreen from the HeadBlade folks. It is a fine line trying to get the head tanned as quickly as possible, but not getting sunburned.

So I have another couple days down here at the beach to get outside and let my head soak in the sun.

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