Thursday, September 04, 2008

THMMC Recap: BTOT2 - Wolf Slays Dragon!

OK, I suppose I am part of the club now.  What club you ask?  Why the Dragonslayer Club!!!  Yes, as part of my Labor Day weekend activities, I had the opportunity to take Mr. Mini Wuf for some motoring on the infamous Dragon.  I'll touch on that some more in a bit.  Even though the Dragon is often the goal of many a pilgrimage, it actually served as a punctuation mark for a much longer drive.  Dubbed "Blimey's Tour of Terror II", our motoring for the day on Saturday, Aug. 30th, included runs from Canton, NC, down to Highlands, NC, a loop through South Carolina and Georgia, up to Robbinsville for some lunch, and finally some Dragon slaying and a little run down Hellbender on the way to Fontana Village.

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