Saturday, November 22, 2008


Hahaha!  Not really.  Hopefully just for the weekend and maybe Monday.  I had to take the Mini back to the Flow body shop for some more work.  They agreed to provide a rental car to me since the problems that are being fixed are things that were not done correctly the first time.  More on that in a later post - I'm waiting to see how their service recovery efforts pan out.

Anyway, I got stuck with a Toyota Corolla.  You guessed it - it's an "S" version.  I think my wife start ROFL'ing when I told her that's what they had given me.  So now I have a Japanese version of a small "sports car" I reckon.  Last night we went out to dinner in it (with the whole family) and were getting a kick out of all the other cars gunning it around me.

The one good thing?  We tried to trick the kids by telling them I had traded in the Mini for the "white car in the driveway".  None of them were excited by that.  So I'm thinking they are closer to being Mini-acs. (That is tempered somewhat by their excitement the other night in riding in my mother's Cadillac DeVille - a land barge if there ever was one.)

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