Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Stripes for the MINI

Readers may recall that last fall I had an incident in the Mini when I ran into a deer close by my house.  That resulted in my bonnet (hood) being replaced along with a few trim pieces and one of my headlights.  The work was finally done in late November.  That meant it would be February before the paint was properly "cured".  So - no wax for the bonnet, no Hydro, and no stripes installation.  So, the Mini had to suffer through the winter with a plain (chili) red bonnet.

Back in February we had a nice warm weekend and I was able to put some Epic wax down on the bonnet and surrounding panels and the bumper.  I did discover during that process that there was some paint overspray on the bumper from when the bonnet was repainted.  I'm hoping it will come off whenever I can invest in a good random orbiter polisher.  Fortunately, the red matches, so you can only tell by touch or getting at the right angle.

So I had been trying to decide what to do about stripes.  The first issue was that I want to add some boot stripes.  After playing around with The GIMP some, I had created some previews of different styles and decided I want to try a double pinstripe format.  The original stripes had black pinstripes along the edges, but I wanted to get the Mini to all red and white wherever possible (black being a necessary evil to the NCSU red and white colors).

I'd been looking at some stripes on the Aesthetic Creations web site, but the pinstripes were kind of big (1/4 inch).  My wife described them as "boy racerish" and I tend to agree.  The other problem was that the stripes themselves, both bonnet and boot, would run well over $100 and I'd probably be looking at new Cooper S badging on the boot as well.

Friday, March 27, 2009

THMMC - A Different Kind of Motor

Minis gathering for the start

Wow, I'm only about six days behind on posts. Lucky for me this will probably be a short one. In my last post I wrote about the trip my wife and I took to DC last week (as in March 17th through the 20th). We got back from that late Friday night and were pretty tired.

Nevertheless, we managed to get up early Saturday morning and load back up in the Mini to head to a THMMC event, the MINI March Madness Road Rally in Raleigh. This would be a different kind of event for me as it would be my first ever gimmick rally or scavenger hunt. The rally was put on by Domino Ireland. From looking at past history of the THMMC, they did another rally in December 2007 (iirc) which was just prior to me getting my Mini.

After the drive to Raleigh, we gathered at Cameron Village with about 25 or so other Minis. Amazingly, we had members coming from as far away as Virginia and I think a contingent from the Charlotte area.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Backroad Trip to DC

Mini in front of Washington Monument
Last week I had to go to Washington, DC, for some job training.  Travelling is not a big part of my job and it is usually always related to training.  DC is not somewhere I go outside of my job.  I think the last time I was there was a trip with my wife early in our marriage.  So, we decided to take this opportunity and go up there together.  A sort of mini-vacation.  And by taking the Mini, it would also be a Mini vacation.

I decided to use Google Maps to plot out a route up there that would not use the Interstates.  This added about an hour to the length of the drive.  But it had the benefit of letting me find some twisty backroads to enjoy, avoiding the frustration of Interstate traffic, and the opportunity to find a Roadside America attraction.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

DC lunchbreak

So I'm in DC for some training. The seminar location is on Pennsylvania Avenue a block or two from the White House (which I cannot see). When I step outside I see the first photo below. In the distance, you can see the Capitol. Wish I could edit the iPhone photos (have to look for an app for that). Or had my good camera.

Anyway, met my wife for lunch. We met at the corner of 14th and Constitution where I got a pick of the Washington Monument.

And this post gave me an opportunity to try out the WordPress iPhone app. Which is quite limiting.

Look for an upcoming post about the drive up here. Had to let the valet park the Mini. Yikes!!