Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Record? 302

Last summer I wrote about my server at home making it 283 days without a reboot. At the time, I only had to take it down to get some work on our air conditioner done, which required cutting power to the house.
Well, a power issue did me in again. Last weekend some bad storms rolled in to the area. Almost immediately our power went out. It was kind of interesting as it blinked on and off several times. Then, looking at some lights, I could tell a little juice was getting through as the bulbs were burning dimly.
At that point I decided to go ahead and proceed with taking the server and other computers down. Interestingly, my desktop PC was running fine on the UPS. But for some reason, the server had entered a restart loop (which means it had crashed - not sure how that happened with the UPS). Before I could get that sorted out, the UPS ran out of battery power.
So the power was out for about 10 hours. Next morning I rebooted the server and the clock is running once again.
The good news is my ol' server made it 302 days without a reboot or any problems.  I can live with that.

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