Thursday, July 23, 2009

Can you believe?

I haven't posted anything in over a month? Never finished my updates about my MINI adventure up to Maine and back?

I suppose I need to get on that. But things have been a little busy. And they don't look to be letting up soon. We have made a deal to buy a new house and the closing is scheduled for the end of August. We'll then have two days to move. And in the meantime, we have to finish up some odd jobs around our now "old" house while it stays on the market.

At work, projects are really piling up, especially after HUD came in and conducted a "comprehensive management review". Some issues to be addressed in my part of the "shop" and I need to figure out some creative ways to raise the level of performance of some key employees. And this has triggered some new demands from our Board that promise to pile on even more stuff to do. I suppose it is all good in that it keeps the job interesting. I just need a few more hours in the day (but I refuse to upset my work/life balance, especially with kids that are the age mine are).

Finally, after missing a bunch of church while out of town, I'm getting back into the swing of things there. It looks like I will be the leader for my Sunday School class come fall. I'm certainly not well-qualified for that, but I suppose someone has to step up. Maybe in the process I'll find my Aaron. Now I need to find a curriculum to lead the class in.

So that is the 30-second commercial for what is going on. Hopefully I can get back to some more thoughtful writing soon.

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