Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Eve Update

You would probably expect this to be about Christmas seein' as it is on Christmas Eve. But not really. Just thought I'd touch on a few topics. I've been stepping up my use of Facebook and Twitter, so some of the update stuff has been redirected. That's what really got me to deciding to come here. Feel like I've been neglecting my own site. So where to start.

Probably the first thing would be to mention some software update news. Yesterday I downloaded and installed Thunderbird 3.0 on both my work desktop and my home laptop (Win partition). So still need to do the work laptop, and my Linux distros here at the house. TB 3.0 has a very different interface (but they apparently give you the ability to retain the old one). I'm still getting used to it. The initial shock of the change was a little disconcerting, but I'm starting to warm to it (especially now that I've got the Lightning and Google provider beta add-ons installed).

And on the Mozilla front, my Firefox got updated to 3.5.7 at home yesterday as I get the beta distributions when they come out. Out a small handful of technical changes to fix bugs there.