Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wake UP!!!

Welcome to my new blog. I've started this as a way to write about a journey that I am starting in 2010, which is a journey to being a “Prepared Christian”. At least, that is the title of the study that my pastor has selected and it works for me. You can find his vision for the journey over at the Graham Friends web site.  Keep in mind that even though I say I am "starting" a new journey in 2010, it really is just a continuation of a journey I have been on in recent years.  Now, I can't really explain what that journey is.  Perhaps by the time I finish this study I'll be able to articulate the bigger effort I'm engaged in to be closer to God and figure out how I should be living (and hopefully do).

The description sounds like a good match for where I think I need to go in my spiritual development.  That's probably part of why I jumped right on it as soon as I learned Pastor Mark was planning to do it. There are some practical applications that may become relevant as well. The first most obvious one being my “assignment” (not really an assignment since I volunteered) to help co-lead a Sunday School class. I've been doing some research on the passages for each week. I suppose I probably learn more than most people just from that effort, but I doubt I'll ever get to the point that I really feel comfortable as the “leader” on the readings. Maybe after going through this Prepared Christian study that will change and I'll feel more confident in stepping up to the plate.  That makes me wonder whether Moses ever felt comfortable with the role God gave to him.

Another area where it may help me some is with a project where I've hooked up with some fellow MINI owners who want to create/encourage a Christian Motoring Club (kind of a subset of MINI owners). Really interesting timing as the ball started rolling on that only a couple days before I started this Prepared Christian study.  So, this may help me with that. I'm hoping (again) the study will give me some confidence to step up and do some of the things that I think I should be doing when our local club holds activities.  For example, on the occasions when we do overnight weekend runs, I could lead a short session on Sunday morning for those of us away from our local churches (and often up long before any Sunday service is being held wherever we are).

In another interesting bit of timing, my wife and I had given our kids some new devotionals for Christmas presents.  We had decided that we would start doing them most nights with our kids.  My responsibility was to handle the sessions with my son.  Maybe this journey I am on will rub off on him and the journey that he is on (even though he probably is not aware he is traveling).  Did you notice the bit on Pastor Mark's description about being a prepared Christian:
What if someone asked you a question about your faith that you couldn't answer—even if the question was asked in a children's Sunday School class?

My son already threw one of those my way - "why is it called the Old Testament?"  Hmm.

So that is just a brief introduction to the blog and what I'm doing.  I actually have some other faith related activities I'll be pursuing in 2010 and will probably roll in some writing about them here as well.  Until the next post though, I have to get crackin' on my reading assignment in The Portable Seminary.

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