Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warming up

OK, I may not get caught up on writing about the first couple weeks of my Christianity Study.  But then again...  It has been a long, tiring week as I have been handling logistics for some on-site training at my job and attending the training itself.  This meant doing some work at home.  I really don't like resorting to that as I committed a while back to not letting work creep into my personal time.  Every now and then - like this week when there are some unusual circumstances - I'll make an exception.  But I still don't like it.

I have managed to start getting into the habit of studying starting at 10:00 each evening.  I told my wife a couple weeks ago, there is never anything on TV during the 10 o'clock hour (not much otherwise, though I have a few shows I watch regularly) and instead of sitting around vegging out, it would be a good time to do something useful.  So far, so good.  I've almost finished working through this week's assignment in The Portable Seminary.

I've also been scribbling notes here and there about our writing assignment for this week.  Pastor Mark forwarded a link to a video of Dr. D.A. Carson about evangelism (have to study up on that definition) that I need to watch and he made some comments about the part about the solas (soli?).

I'm thinking I'm going to write about sola fide.  Not sure why I ultimately selected that one.  Maybe to me faith is where one starts to practically experience Christ in this world?  Hmm, maybe that should be the topic of my assignment. Considering the video link and notes, I was thinking about putting together something about faith and whether Christians really have it or is it just a word they bandy about.  Maybe I can combine all of this.

As an aside, in my training today we ran across the word bona fide (talking about bona fide offers and contracts).  I picked right up on the similarity - sola fide and bona fide - solely faith and good faith.  Mainly just thought it was interesting how a little bit of studying might help one see even the smallest of things that they wouldn't have otherwise.

And I'll probably need to add a new category here - Greek.  I finally did it - ordered the Elementary Greek lessons (I just got the workbook and textbook, not the whole kit) from  This has been a project/goal of mine that has only been delayed for about a year.  The idea is to teach myself Greek so I can then read the New Testament in the original Greek.

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