Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Some OpenOffice.org deployment info

Just a quick note about a study I ran across regarding deployments of OpenOffice.org. There was a recent article that came out about OpenOffice.org uptake in Germany (sorry, the article is in German), where it has reached a 21% market share. The people doing the study decided to expand it and try to figure out what deployment was like around the world. They released an article explaining their result. Methodology is not the strongest, which they admit. But, still a pretty good indication of the gains it is making. In the U.S., they only found it deployed on 9% of computers.  While low, I think that is actually pretty good.  Probably more than I would have guessed. Of course, I was especially interested in this bit toward the end:
Many of the leading countries have switched to OpenOffice (or the ODF file format) in their public administration, education system or in several municipal governments.

Being in public administration, that is news that warms my heart.  I've actually got one of my new employees using OpenOffice.org now (maybe two?).  Would really like to get it deployed throughout the organization, but that will be a pretty major change.  Funding restrictions may work in favor of that looking forward though.

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