Thursday, March 25, 2010

THMMC Bullfrog Run 2010

As spring weather rolls around, one of the joys that I have come to expect is participating in the Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club's Bullfrog Run.  I say I've come to expect it since it is something that I only know about due to my MINI ownership and participating with the THMMC.  This year's run was the third annual running of this particular run for the club.  Members of the club have been running the route for several years; but in memory Rob Baker they started running the route as an annual event and dubbed it the Bullfrog Run.  I never met Rob as he had passed on before my membership started.  He was described as a great driver (who really knew what to do with his DS Justa), a great club member, and a great person.  His example also spawned the MINIs Motoring Against Cancer banner.  And for this particular run, we took up a collection that yielded a $120 donation to the American Cancer Society.

I'm glad to say that I've been to all three of the Bullfrog Runs.  Besides the nature of the event, it is special to me now because the first Bullfrog Run was also my first ever event that I attended with the THMMC.  So even though my MINI adventure started in February, the running of the Bullfrog always feels like the "anniversary" of when I started with the THMMC.

So, on to this year's event.  As usual, we started out at the Lowe's on University Parkway off Hwy 52 in Winston-Salem.  When we arrived (I rode in with some SS members) we discovered the Lowe's was really busy.  Everyone getting started on their spring planting I guess.  It was one of the first really nice weekends we've had around here in a while.  Of course, this led to quite a bit of gawking as seems to happen whenever you get MINIs together.  The funniest point was when some guys rode by in a PT Cruiser and as they were pulling away, yelled out "Buy American!"

That does remind me of something.  I think it was last week on my way home from work I slid in behind another MINI on the Interstate.  As we were cruising along, I started thinking that MINI must be one of the few cars on the road that whenever people see two together, they think it is a convoy.  Whether the people in the MINIs are actually traveling together or not.  But I digress.

I think we left the Lowe's lot with 32 MINIs.  Actually, this year we split into two groups - the *ahem* super spirited group and the spirited group.  I went with the super group.  We headed up Hwy 66 (which I hope we can one day get dubbed "The Bullfrog" ala the Dragon or the Snake or Hellbender) for some awesome twisty roads, before catching Hwy 89 and Hwy 8 back down to Hanging Rock State Park.  Scared myself at one point when a curve caught me by surprise and in my haste to "catch up" with the direction I should be going, the MINI got all out of sorts.  Felt like the rear stepped out just a bit on me.

As noted, we ran on up to Hanging Rock State Park.  Upon our arrival, we discovered the spirited group had already arrived (they took a slightly different route).  We ended up with 36 MINIs lined up in the lot while most of the members enjoyed a picnic lunch (while a few talked MINI).  I was expected back at home, so I didn't get to run with a few of the club members up to Orchard Gap (but I did that last month with a small Sunday Slider group).  Instead, followed a few down Hwy 8 back into W-S and then back home.

As usual, a great day with MINI friends and some excellent motoring on twisty roads.  And, I finally felt like I put together a decent mix of driving music (which I usually just listen to on the way to and from the runs - during the runs I usually keep the radio turned down (the better to hear the tires!)).  I'll actually post the list:





DirtDeath In VegasDead ElvisDance & DJ
How You Like Me NowHeavyThe House That Dirt BuiltRock
Life Is A HighwayTom Cochrane & Red RiderMad Mad WorldClassic Rock
Hey, Soul SisterTrainHey, Soul SisterPop
Living Dead GirlRob ZombieHellbilly DeluxeRock
Personal JesusJohnny CashAmerican IV: The Man Comes AroundCountry
Steam (Live)Peter GabrielSecret World LiveRock
Take Me To The River(Live)Talking HeadsStop Making SensePop
Percussion GunWhite RabbitsIt's FrighteningAlternative Rock
California Love2Pac, Dr. Dre & Roger TroutmanThe N.W.A Legacy, Vol. 1Hip-Hop/Rap
I Am The HighwayAudioslaveAudioslaveRock
Run RunawaySladeGet Yer Boots OnRock
Peace FrogThe DoorsMorrison HotelRock
Forever AutumnJeff Wayne;Paul Vigrass;Gary OsborneWar Of The WorldsPop
Killing In The NameRage Against The MachineRage Against The MachinePop
More Human Than HumanWhite ZombieLet Sleeping Corpses LieRock
Lightning CrashesLiveThrowing CopperRock

Sorry, not taking the time to link 'em all.  It is quite a bit of new music for me.  Best buy of the lot imo was Percussion Gun.  Really likin' that.

Anyway, as usual, there is a photo gallery for the event.  Next up will be a run I'm leading - Covered Bridge Run 2010 in a couple weeks.

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