Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Great Fixes in IT Land

Was recently logging into one of the systems that I use on my job.  When you logon, it takes you to a splash screen with various bits of information.  This time, I was presented with the following information (identifying information removed to protect the guilty even if they are the Federal government):
System performance issues have been identified with xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Specifically, double clicking the mouse button during a page SAVE for the unaudited and audited financial submission process may lead to an error message identified as "Sql Map Client, error code [1427]".

xxxxxxxxx has identified a temporary solution that will avoid this system error. When submitting your financial statement, DO NOT double-click on the SAVE button. Click only once and wait for the system to complete the initial SAVE operation.

The emphasis was in the original.  Unless I'm mistaken, it looks like the "temporary solution" that has been identified is basically - "Don't do that!"  Gee, thanks.

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