Friday, April 30, 2010

RIP Donkey

So I'm sitting here this evening eating some dinner and catching up on some stuff on the 'net.  When I hear something upstairs, kind of a loud popping or crunching sound.  Didn't think much of it the first time, but then whatever it was, it did it a few more times.  So I figure I should go upstairs and see what is going on.

As soon as I reach the top of the steps I notice it is extremely warm - almost hot.  Check the bonus room, nothing there looks out of place.  Start down the hallway and start to detect the odor of burning electronics.  Stop at the thermostat and note that the temp is 81 degrees even though the A/C is on and set for 72.  That's not a good sign.

Get down to my office and the smell of burning electrical components is really strong.  Clearly something in the office.  Modem, routers, printer all look good and are powered up.  Then I spot it.

My server is not on.  I check it and it is very hot to the touch.  Clearly this is the source of the burning odor.  I get it unplugged.  But already, I know (and you the reader know) how this is going to turn out.  To be safe I check the rest of the upstairs.  Check the circuit breakers in the garage.  Check the outside unit.  Go up in the attic and check things, reset the breaker on the HVAC unit.  By now the odor is already starting to dissipate.  Alas, I still cannot seem to get the A/C to blow cold air (it finally did start back up about 15 minutes later).

So yes, the server is toast.  It's network name was Donkey as in "the Donkey server".  I plugged it back in just to verify and could not get it to power up at all.  It has served well.  Started out as a desktop PC back in the late 90's.  Was briefly relegated to testbed status as I started dabbling with Linux and it had been replaced by a better gaming PC.  When I started up my business I went ahead at that point and converted it into a server.  Mainly served as a file server, but I ran some local web services on it and used it for testing stuff I was thinking of deploying in live environments.  That was back around 2004.

Haven't looked it up, but at one point it ran for something like 283 days straight and only had to be taken down due to a planned power outage at our old house.  Not bad for equipment that was close to a decade old.

So Donkey, RIP.  You served admirably, well beyond your designed life.

The big question now will be whether I can save the data off the hard drives.  Hopefully they didn't get toasted in the process.  I have some older snapshots of the data and I don't think there is anything critical on the hard drives, but it would still be a loss if I can't access them.  Can only blame myself for that (being lazy about backups).

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