Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Some may recall that last April, due to an HVAC "incident" at the house, my server suffered a horrible death (RIP Donkey).  The server had run for 302 straight days at one point (New Record? 302).  Not too shabby for old equipment.  Too bad I can't get the servers at my job to stay up and running that long (oh if I could only get them switched over to Linux).

I have finally gotten around to seeing whether I'd be able to recover the data that was on the hard drive.  The first step was to get the drive out of the box.  While doing that, I looked for evidence of what might have burned up, but did not see anything that was obvious.  I did find a cover to a resistor/transistor/???, but never figured out where it was missing from.  There was a really bad build up of dust though.

Recovery work in progress
I also discovered that they now make USB to IDE cables so that you can connect what would normally be an external hard drive to a USB port and not have to physically install the drive in a computer.  Would have been nice if I'd had something like this for the last 20 years.

Took a couple tries, but I finally figured out the proper order to connect things (power first, then plug USB in).  Fortunately, it appears the drive was not damaged in the meltdown.  Linux Mint picked it up as a USB drive no problem.  So I am in the process of copying over 35 GB of data to a new Seagate external, portable HD I picked up at WalMart.  Hard to believe you can buy hard disk space for 22 cents a GB (and even cheaper if I had sprung the few extra dollars for a 1TB drive).

I found another HD up in my closet, so it'll be interesting to see what may be on that.  And I think I have one or two old PCs in the attic that I was saving for the day when I could do something like this easily.  I have an old laptop drive I need to recover at some point, but it is encrypted, so more of a challenge.

Of course, the big challenge now is to get everything organized.  Haha, like that is going to happen.

Scratch that - biggest challenge right now is keeping the laptop cool enough to keep running long enough to copy all the data over.  The laptop crashed once last night.  Did it again this evening just as it was about to finish up a 4.7GB folder.  And in the process, it borked the Seagate drive.  Had to go in and use the Partition Manager to reformat the drive (testing on a Win machine, it wasn't even detected).  I sense another meltdown may be pending. :-(

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