Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Yikes - Time for New Plug-ins?

So, I have a new post I'm ready to work on for my Staying Awake blog.  But before I work on it, I wanted to make sure the Twitter Tools connection was functioning properly since the last couple posts I made from my blogs did not get "published" to Twitter (and in turn, to Facebook).  In digging around, I noticed the plug-in I was using had a newer version available, so I updated it.  As I then discovered, this meant a new way of connecting to Twitter using some application service they have setup (which coincidently looks more like a developer tool - doesn't seem to cool for end users to have to use that).

I went through the process of setting everything up, only to discover this updated Twitter Tools plug-in requires PHP 5 to run.  I spent about five minutes trying to figure out whether I could upgrade my PHP to 5.  That was all the patience I had.  I'm sure it's possible.  But, it was easier to try finding a new WP plug-in.

I found a Network Publisher plug-in that supposedly will let me publish to like 30 some social networks.  May be able to not have to worry about hashtags to push stuff over from Twitter to Facebook.  On the other hand, I may have to do some additional work on categories if I wanted to somehow exclude some from one service or another (can't yet imagine what that might be).

Anyway, I'm ready for this first test to post.  It will be interesting to see how this works.

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