Saturday, January 01, 2011

A Little Happy New Year News

So 2011 is here.

The bad news - I discovered we have a busted spigot on the side of our house.  Guess we'll have to get a plumber out here.  Doesn't look like it is leaking as long as the spigot is closed.

The good news - with a mild January 1, I was able to get out and wash the MINI.  That also meant I was able to put some NCSU Wolfpack stickers on the MINI that I had ordered a while back.  Would really like to put one at the bottom right of the rear window, but I have a bullfrog there now (albeit, he has lost his feet) that I don't want to lose and there is no guarantee I'll be able to get a replacement to relocate.  So I tried to be a little bit creative in placement.  Not sure I'm entirely happy, but they should be easy enough to remove and new ones are pretty cheap.


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