Monday, March 07, 2011

BSM Colossians Study - Wk 1 Pt 4

This is the final entry for week 1 of the BSM study of Colossians.  Unlike the last three where I had to do some actual research and writing, this is a pretty quick post.  Really it just consists of some questions to ponder and a challenge for the upcoming week.

First, name four things to be thankful for.

Second, name three things to watch for.

Then consider how your life might be different if you were to focus on these things and even make changes in your life based on them.  Would things be different?  Would you be a different person?

BSM suggests doing/considering these seven items for a week to see if any habits develop (way too short a time for a habit to develop imo).  Reflect and pray not only on these questions during the upcoming week, but think about some of the ideas I've written about in the first three parts.

Be on the lookout for the week 2 postings to start in a day or two.

Thanks for reading!

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