Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 Reading Plan - Part 2

Back at the beginning of the year I posted about my plans to read the entire OT during 2011.  The plan was to divide the OT into three sections - the Law, the Prophets, and the Writings.  The first phase involved reading the books of the Law by the end of March.  I did accomplish that (think I actually finished a day early).

The regular reading plan has been on hold for a few weeks now while I catch my breath and prepare for the Prophets.  This also gave me a chance to finish reading Dr. Craig's book On Guard.  Last week I sat down and prepared my reading plan for the Prophets.  I have it scheduled to start on Easter Monday and to finish on July 4th.  The books included for this phase include:

  • Joshua

  • 1 Samuel

  • 2 Samuel

  • 1 Kings

  • 2 Kings

  • Isaiah

  • Jeremiah

  • Ezekiel

  • Hosea

  • Joel

  • Amos

  • Obadiah

  • Jonah

  • Micah

  • Nahum

  • Habakkuk

  • Zephaniah

  • Haggai

  • Zechariah

  • Malachi

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