Friday, May 27, 2011

Fontana Dam to Incorporate

Was doing some research on the General Assembly web site and I happened to run across a bill winding its way through the process that would incorporate the Town of Fontana Dam.  Kind of hard to tell from the description, but I gather it is basically the Fontana Village property and some adjoining land (288 acres per the description).  For those not familiar with municipal corporation in NC, this basically makes it an official town.  The bill specifies they will have a Board consisting of a Mayor and four Board members (total of five including the mayor).

The bill also specifies they will have a council-manager form of government, so they'll have to hire a town manager at some point.  Since I have past experience as a town manager, I'm thinking I would be the perfect candidate.  I certainly wouldn't object to the (probable) residency requirement - sure would be tough to have to live there. Wife might have something to say about that though. 

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