Saturday, February 04, 2012

New MINI club = new MINI bling

Today I hit the 100,000 mile mark in the MINI WUF.  That is just a couple weeks shy of 4 years of ownership.

I "celebrated" the occasion by performing some maintenance.  First up was rotating the tires.  The Conti DWS tires are holding up remarkably well so far.  Rears were at 10/32nd of tread and the fronts were at 9/32nd of tread.  That's on about 5,500 miles.  At that pace I think I can squeeze out the 50k miles they are rated for.

Next up was flushing the brake fluid.  Made the switch from ATE Super Blue to some Motul 600 just so I'd be able to see when the new fluid had run through.  This proved to be a little more challenging that I thought as the blue fluid just mixed with the Motul (which is gold color) to make things kind of light green for a bit.  Think I got it all though, but I did go through both bottles of Motul, so I don't have any extra on hand.  I did note that the ATE still looked pretty good.  When I switched to it, the MINI fluid was a dark, murky brown.  As I got the ATE out, it was maybe a little darker than new, but otherwise looked good.

Finally, I did a Seafoam treatment.  This was the third one I've done and is the first time I got any smoke.  Just a little bit when initially administering the Seafoam.

Once all the maintenance  was done, I took off a couple grille badges and installed a MINI Mileage Club badge for 100,000 miles.

A final note, when I was last working on my MINI, the jack I had sprung a leak or something and would not hold up the MINI any longer.  I ordered a new 3-ton jack from Harbor Freight (now I should be able to lift my wife's vehicles as well, since they are always big and heavy).  Gotta say, this new jack is a monster.  It weighs 75 pounds.  But it gets the job done.

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