Monday, April 09, 2012

5th Annual Bullfrog Run Video

Not sure if I'll get around to any kind of recap other than this, but last week we conducted the 5th Annual Bullfrog Run for the Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club.  Since TWISTER has moved on to new motoring adventures, I ended up taking the lead on this event.  We  have held it every year for the past five years in memory of a former club member who passed away due to cancer.  Alas, that happened before I got my MINI or joined the THMMC, but from the descriptions and stories I've heard, he was a great guy and benefit to the MINI community.

Traditionally, the event includes a run up Hwy 66 going north out of Winston-Salem.  This was one of Bullfrog's favorite routes.  I'm sure anyone who has driven it understands why. This year, instead of going to the summit of Hanging Rock as we have done the past couple years, I modified the route a bit to take us to the summit of Pilot Mountain, an iconic view on Hwy 52.  From there, a bit of country driving took us to Yadkinville.  This let us support a local business - Nate's Place - with our lunch business.

I counted 23 MINIs at the end. Total number may have been a couple more as we had one join us during the route and one drop out (that I know of).  Unlike some of my events, we had no U-turns and no unpaved roads.

As far as the video goes, I tried my hand at some time lapse with this one.  Set the GoPro for pics every 2 seconds.  Captured a total of about 2500 pics, but after five minutes I moved the camera, so I tossed the first 600 or so.  Finally broke down and got Vegas Movie Studio (the cheapest version I could find) to edit videos.  It was basically one click to import the whole series as a time lapse (though I'll need to learn how to adjust the frame length in the future). For this video I broke it up into three parts, but the full 1:15 time  lapse is on Vimeo.  Besides the in-car video, I threw in a couple videos and pics shot with my HTC EVO (wife had my Nikon camera at the beach).  You might note the shakiness of the hand held bits.  I do have an idea to fix that in the future.  Will post up if I pursue it.

Enjoy the video!


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