Friday, June 22, 2012

Kan I Kanban?

A couple days ago I was doing some research into some issues related to my use of GTD when I stumbled upon a thread on the ToodleDo forums about a technique they were calling "personal kanban". Like the original poster in that thread, I'm pretty happy with the GTD system for keeping things organized.  If anything, I really need to spend some time practicing to increase my use of the system (I tend not to use it for smaller To Do's).  I generally maintain about 150+/- tasks in the system which runs off of ToodleDo and I access using my phone or tablet via the Ultimate To Do app.

The problem is that far too many of the To Do's in the system have been languishing there for a while.  Some are meant to - those in the Someday/Maybe category.  But lots of Action tasks seem to just live on indefinitely.  So, I try to keep myself on the lookout for tools that will help with the "DO" part - not just organizing to get things done, actually getting things done.  For instance, I will now get a Pomodoro timer going if I need to really focus on something for a while.  And I sort of incorporated some concepts from the Do It Tomorrow methodology. Still, it seems like there is something missing between the GTD lists and actually working on something.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MINI up and down; welcome MacBook Pro

Whew! What a busy couple weeks.  And still one more major event - the Blue Ridge Parkway Tour 2012 - to go, a few days of work, and then finally some relaxation as I take a week vacation at the beach.

Part of what has been keeping me going for the past two weeks has been problems with the MINI WUF.  A couple weeks ago it threw a CEL and start idling rough after running for a while (e.g. at the end of my daily commute). Got it in to Flow MINI of Raleigh. Leak test was negative, so they started breaking things down and discovered a broken timing chain guide rail. That meant leaving it for a few days for repairs.  Besides doing the whole timing chain "cartridge" (the MINI term) replacement, they also did a walnut shell blasting to cleanup the carbon buildup.  And in the course of the repairs, replaced the leaking valve cover gasket (so one less DIY repair for me).