Sunday, July 29, 2012

Some MINI paint maintenance

mini_wax_03Just a quick post regarding some light detailing I did over the weekend on the MINI. I say light, but it took me all day Saturday and no telling how much water I lost due to the high temps. Really by light, I mean all I did was work on getting some new wax on the MINI, cleaned up the black trim some and just a little bit of cleaning on the interior. I did not get into all the nooks and crannies to get them cleaned.

After 110k+ miles the paint was starting to show some age, especially in the form of swirls. I try to take good care of the MINI, washing and waxing it on a regular basis. Still, over time it is inevitable that a daily driver is going to need a little extra attention.

First step was a wash with Dawn so I could get all the old wax stripped off.  Just that step was an improvement. Next I used some Meguiars Ultimate Compound to try to remove the swirling and some other surface blemishes. I was pretty happy with the results - probably removed around 95% of the problems. But it would definitely take something more aggressive to get that last little bit or if I had more severe problems to start with.