Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time to reboot this blog

Looking at the dates on the posts, should be pretty obvious this blog has been stagnating for most of 2012. Much has changed during the year. Pastor Mark has moved on to a new calling at St. John's Lutheran Church down in Asheboro. Knowing the professional he is, there has not been a lot of contact since he left at the end of April. But watching his Facebook posts, I suspect he is right where God wants him to be.

Of course, any time a church loses a pastor, that is going to create a lot of change. This has certainly been the case at Graham Friends Church. We now have a small but devoted core of folks attending on a regular basis. I've stepped up to be an elder and a trustee for the church and I'm trying to keep the web site maintained. I have been working on weekly lessons for our Wednesday evening Bible study/prayer meetings. For the summer at least, with everyone on vacation, I have not been working on Sunday School lessons. Those should start back up in September, so I am slowly working on developing a curriculum for that.

Anyway, I figured it is probably time to start doing some more work on this blog. As you may have noted, the format has changed. I just installed a new WP theme without any customizations. Not sure I'll bother trying to clean it up any. Just not enough time and I'd rather focus on the writing part.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

THMMC 7th Anniversary Run Recap

ann_08If you are paying attention to the blog, you know the last post was a recap from a Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club run just done at the beginning of August. Now I am going back in time to May of 2012 to recap a run we did then - the THMMC 7th Anniversary Run. The timeline jumble is what happens when you have a computer dying and preventing work on videos and recaps.

For this recap, I not only have some pics (see gallery at end of post), but a video as well. For the video, this was my first attempt after some self-study that included reading How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like A Pro. From that, I picked up a few tips like making a "shot list" and when editing my videos together to start using shorter cuts. Don't think I'm to the point where my videos don't suck, but they may be better than say, a year ago. I am also slowing learning how to use the iMovie software on the new MBP. For this video, I learned how to fade the music in and out and adjust the audio volume on clips.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

THMMC Beat the Heat Ice Cream Run Recap

Lined up at Homeland CreameryOn Saturday, August 4, 2012, I led the first ever ice cream run held by the Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club. The run started in Durham, wound through some countryside over to Asheboro before heading north to end in Greensboro.

Our first stop was Pelican's SnoBalls in Durham. I suppose technically this was not ice cream as it was shaved ice dubbed a "snoball". They had about 100 flavors on the menu along with a variety of extra toppings and other goodies. I stuck with a simple snoball and got POG - a mixture of pineapple, passion fruit, orange, and guava. And it was delicious. Probably my favorite of all the stops.

We then motored through Durham, skirting Duke Forest on our way to Maple View Farm. This is obviously a popular spot with travelers of all sorts as there were several Harley groups there when we arrived along with numerous cyclists that were using Maple View as their start/stop location for a country ride. I went with Blueberry ice cream in a waffle cone. I'm pretty sure the last time I had blueberry ice cream was during The Great Ice Cream Run 2 back in 2009 when we got some up in Maine. (Shhh - Maine's was better imo.)