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THMMC 7th Anniversary Run Recap

ann_08If you are paying attention to the blog, you know the last post was a recap from a Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club run just done at the beginning of August. Now I am going back in time to May of 2012 to recap a run we did then - the THMMC 7th Anniversary Run. The timeline jumble is what happens when you have a computer dying and preventing work on videos and recaps.

For this recap, I not only have some pics (see gallery at end of post), but a video as well. For the video, this was my first attempt after some self-study that included reading How to Shoot Video That Doesn't Suck: Advice to Make Any Amateur Look Like A Pro. From that, I picked up a few tips like making a "shot list" and when editing my videos together to start using shorter cuts. Don't think I'm to the point where my videos don't suck, but they may be better than say, a year ago. I am also slowing learning how to use the iMovie software on the new MBP. For this video, I learned how to fade the music in and out and adjust the audio volume on clips.

As far as the run itself, we started out with breakfast at The Peppermill Cafe. I tried to incorporate a meal into the event since the first "anniversary" event I attended as part of the THMMC involved a meal. That was the third anniversary and we ate at Mimi's Cafe in Burlington and then did a run down Old Liberty Road (which coincidentally, was included in this run as well). After breakfast, we headed out of High Point and took in Caraway Mountain Road on our way to the Uwharrie Forest area. Caraway Mountain Road has a nice little twisty section near the conference center.

We headed down Burney Mill Road for some good twisty action before stopping at the Eldorado Outpost. Fans of the show Finding Bigfoot may recognize the Eldorado Outpost as the location of one of their attempts to find Bigfoot. We stopped there for some drinks and facilities and it gave all the monster trucks and 4x4 vehicles on their way to the mud-bogging event a chance to check out our rides.

From there, we headed up through the Uwharrie Forest to take in the Flint Hill Ramble, one of North Carolina's Scenic Byways. An absolutely great, twisty road, during our run it was marred by some construction that was going on. I'm not sure what they were up to (hopefully not widening the road as it is fun to motor on a road with lanes just big enough for a MINI), but the construction crews had not cleaned up the dirt they left on the road (the actual work was on the shoulders). This didn't affect me too much, though I had to drop back a notch or two in anticipation of loss of grip. For those behind me and especially further back in the caravan of MINIs, it was like driving through heavy fog.

We then worked out way through Asheboro to the western end of Old Liberty Road. Just about the time we were close to get out of town, we ran across a huge Harley rally going in the opposite direction (even had a police escort). Later, as we were headed toward Liberty, we ended up behind a group of about 8-10 Harleys going the same way. Any MINI drivers who have been on twisties behind Harleys know they are not the fastest, so that slowed us down a bit. I did get to witness the last Harley in the group lay his tailpipes down onto the pavement in a corner throwing up a shower of sparks. That scare only caused him to slow down even more.

After passing through Liberty, we headed north to the Homeland Creamery to end the day with some ice cream. Yes, the same Homeland Creamery that we visited again during the ice cream run. And that folks, was the end of the run.

Below is the video I put together. If you are a THMMC club member, be sure to watch to the very end. Below the video is a gallery of pics.

Thanks for reading!

THMMC 7th Anniversary Run from Jeff Causey on Vimeo.


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