Sunday, August 05, 2012

THMMC Beat the Heat Ice Cream Run Recap

Lined up at Homeland CreameryOn Saturday, August 4, 2012, I led the first ever ice cream run held by the Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club. The run started in Durham, wound through some countryside over to Asheboro before heading north to end in Greensboro.

Our first stop was Pelican's SnoBalls in Durham. I suppose technically this was not ice cream as it was shaved ice dubbed a "snoball". They had about 100 flavors on the menu along with a variety of extra toppings and other goodies. I stuck with a simple snoball and got POG - a mixture of pineapple, passion fruit, orange, and guava. And it was delicious. Probably my favorite of all the stops.

We then motored through Durham, skirting Duke Forest on our way to Maple View Farm. This is obviously a popular spot with travelers of all sorts as there were several Harley groups there when we arrived along with numerous cyclists that were using Maple View as their start/stop location for a country ride. I went with Blueberry ice cream in a waffle cone. I'm pretty sure the last time I had blueberry ice cream was during The Great Ice Cream Run 2 back in 2009 when we got some up in Maine. (Shhh - Maine's was better imo.)

Our third stop was Homeland Creamery, a location we had visited during the 7th Anniversary Run (yeah, I'm sure you are wondering where the recap for that is). Homeland is definitely in the country. It proved to be a wonderful stop once again. This go round I went with Pineapple ice cream (last time I got butter pecan) as I had realized I was hitting the fruits.

With a few dropping out at that point, our group then motored down Old Liberty Road for some twisty fun before looping around/through Asheboro to enjoy the run up Caraway Mountain Road. We then shot into Greensboro for our final stop at Gnam Gnam Gelato. This was a good bookend to the run since gelato technically isn't ice cream (like the snoballs that started the run). I went with a cup of Bilberry, which I'm informed is a European version of the blueberry, only with more tartness. I have to say, the Europeans are pretty lucky to have bilberries instead of blueberries.

As part of the run, we collected some funds to help a capital campaign being run by NCSU's food science program to build a new creamery for the Howling Cow. That tied in nicely with the theme and the visits to local creameries.

Enjoy the gallery of images below and hopefully I'll have a video put together at some point.

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