Saturday, September 08, 2012

Continental DWS mileage/wear update

Just thought I'd post a quick update regarding the Continental DWS tires I have on the MINI. I've had them on for 10 months and about 19,000 miles now. Rotated them today and took measurements. The ones that just came off the front were down to about 6/32nds of tread. The ones that were on the rear were about 6.25/32nds of tread. Assuming the wear is linear, when I hit 2/32nds I should be somewhere between 38-40k miles. Which will be a little disappointing given the 50k mile guarantee they have. If it ends up at that level, I guess I may qualify for a small credit if I buy another pair of Continentals.

The good news is, the switch back to an all-season and longer treadwear means I am still a ways off from having to buy new tires, which was part of my goal as I was tired of buying new tires every year. Should be able to make it to some time next summer.

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