Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A rework of Todoist

Since last summer when I wrote about end-of-life'ing MyLifeOrganized, I don't think I ever wrote about my new selection for task management. That ended up being Todoist. Although I generally try to stick to a GTD framework, Todoist is not designed specifically for GTD. That meant I had to do some configuration on my own using the features available in the app to implement GTD, notably Projects and Labels. Fortunately, Todoist is quite active in the development of the app and it has already received a major overhaul since I started using it as well as a slew of small improvements. These helped make the task a bit easier.

During the time I've been using Todoist, I've gone through at least one revision of the Projects setup although I had still been using the initial set of labels that I created. For Projects, I had basically setup those up to correspond to people or other major life "areas". The people were mostly related to work projects, while the other areas corresponded mostly to things like the soccer team I manage, the MINI club, church, and some others. The problem was that didn't leave a lot of room for specific projects, like the 2013 CAFR I am working on for my job. This does tend to be one of the shortcomings of GTD from what I can tell - an explosion of projects to an unwieldy number.