Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Google Glass, Indiegogo update

Just sharing a couple things I've run across as I try to get myself more up to speed on Google Glass while my Indiegogo campaign continues.

Yesterday, the Livestream service announced the availability of streaming live events from Google Glass using their new app. All it will take is a simple command, "OK Glass, Livestream". I think that could be pretty useful for me. I could do things like stream portions of a soccer games so folks could watch what is happening in real time. I know last year during some State Cup matches those who were present had to text updates to those who had to be in other places. I can also see using this for some MINI events possibly just to be able to share the fun we have.

I also ran across a funny parody of Google Glass you can check out below. Hopefully I won't turn out like this!

If you want to help out with my campaign, be sure to hit the Indiegogo site. It has been rather slow since the last update, although great progress has already been made. If you can't help financially, keep spreading the word. It is much appreciated.

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