Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Google Glass joins my stable of tech gadgets

After a long wait, including an Indiegogo campaign, I have finally joined the ranks of Explorers who have Google Glass devices. I guess this is appropriate given my Kingdomality personality style is the Discoverer. As you can tell from the pictures, I went with the Tangerine color as it was available. I'm really not sure how much I would wear Glass in say the work environment or other professional settings, so I'm not really too concerned with them being "discrete".

Thus far I have not had too much time to spend with them. I would say the learning curve is a little bit steeper than I may have anticipated, but not especially onerous. Right now the main thing is just trying to tweak the settings. One issue I have identified early on is the really poor battery life. I'm investigating some changes to the settings to try to extend the battery life - e.g. I turned off the head on detection and the glance notification features. I figure I need to go a couple days logging the battery drain to see what kind of life I can get. I've also seen some recommendations that I do some charge/discharge cycles to recondition the battery.

The other thing I have not quite gotten a hold of is taking phone calls using Glass, mainly because I tend not to get many phone calls. Unless my early efforts are mistaken though, it appears that if I answer the call using my G3, the call has to be completed on the G3.

A couple days ago I did take them out to some soccer tryouts my daughters were doing to start to get a feel for how well they will work for recording soccer action. I've included the raw footage here. As you can see, the field of vision is so wide for them, it is kind of hard to see the action as it is so far away. Granted, I was placed unusually far from the field for this training session. I'll have to see whether I can use some zoom edits on the computer to clean up the video. It also appears there are a couple options to zoom the camera on Glass (albeit detail may be lost) but I will have to figure out how to compile the packages if I want to give them a try.

I'm hopeful that by this weekend I feel pretty comfortable with them so I can record some video during a toy run the MINI club is doing.

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