Monday, November 02, 2015

Hang 10 with new computer

So I got this new PC at work after several years with the last model. You may be able to tell if you zoom in that I am now running Windows 10. Actually, the computer is setup to dual boot either Windows 10 or Windows 7. I am the first user with Windows 10 at work and will be doing all I can to learn what works, what doesn't work. Kind of a long-term beta test so we can be prepared for the day when Windows 7 end of life comes up.

The plan is to only use Windows 7 in emergencies or when something just is not working right in Win 10. We are not off to a good start as one of the first applications to be setup was Outlook 2016. I should say "tried" to be setup. As I have discovered, Outlook 2016 is not capable of connecting to our hosted Exchange server because Microsoft removed the protocol that was used to make the connection. I'll either have to revert to Outlook 2013 or use the OWA interface. Which is too bad as I was using Outlook 2016 on the old computer and liked it (apparently it was able to connect thanks to the existing profile from Outlook 2013).

I didn't have much time to do much else on it as the install took most of the afternoon. I will definitely be digging in tomorrow though. Lots of applications to get installed.

I will mention one last thing. The monitors are 24-inch Dell monitors with really thin bezels. They are really nice. Not much of an upgrade in size from the 21-inch monitors I had, but I still look forward to the extra screen real estate.

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