Thursday, December 24, 2015

Nirvana In Depth Testing

As 2015 draws to a close, I have started the process of conducting an in-depth test of Nirvana as a possible solution to transition away from Todoist. I've briefly tested Nirvana in the past and found it lacking. However, it looks like they issued a pretty significant update this past fall. As I prepared to take the plunge on doing an in-depth test, one nice thing I discovered was I could unlock the Pro features with just a monthly cost of $5. I thought I may have to spring for a whole year, but I can just upgrade later if I decide to stick with it. The first step in this project is trying to figure out how to configure Nirvana in light of my Todoist configuration, which is the primary focus of this post. I'm expecting the transition to be a bit of a challenge because Nirvana sticks fairly close to the GTD method and although I incorporated concepts of GTD in my Todoist setup, I had also strayed quite a bit, so I need to get things reined back in for Nirvana.