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This is a repository mostly made up of routes I have created for Tar Heel MINI Motoring Club events. There are a few other routes and maps included though. These have been constructed over a number of years and during that time Google has made several changes to their Maps products. The more recent stuff was built using their new MapsEngine (now My Maps), but the older stuff was built on their old platform. I have not gone back through all of those maps to verify their accuracy or that everything imported over. If you happen to check one out and something doesn't seem right, please feel free to contact me to take a look at fixing (or at least cleaning) it. I make no guarantees about response time, but I enjoy working with maps and it will bug me knowing something needs to be fixed.

Besides the Google Maps links, I have also provided gpx files if I had them. These were built using a combination of tools, primarily Google Maps and Basecamp. I would use them on a Garmin 755 during runs. Garmin changed their predefined routing software, so they probably won't work as well with newer Garmin gps units.

THMMC Black Dome Dash (2015)

THMMC Black Dome Dash GPX file

THMMC 8th Annual Bullfrog Run (2015)

THMMC 8th Annual Bullfrog Run GPX file

St. Patrick's Drive Out the Snake Run (2015)

St. Patrick's Drive Out the Snake Run GPX file

J Cole Helenblitz Run (2015)

Helen to Asheville GPX file
(route prepared for J Cole)

THMMC Toy Run (2014)

THMMC Return of Turkey: Strut Back Into Action (2014)

THMMC Return of Turkey GPX file

THMMC Mystery in the Mountains (2014)

THMMC Mystery in the Mountains GPX file

THMMC Labor Day Loop de Loop (2014)

THMMC Labor Day Loop de Loop GPX file

THMMC Sunrise Rally (2014)

THMMC Sunrise Rally GPX file

THMMC Summer Heat Rally (2014)

THMMC Summer Heat Rally GPX file

Blue Ridge Parkway Tour 2014 (Wolf Routes)

THMMC BRP Tour 2014 GPX file (Wolf routes)

Blue Ridge Parkway Tour - Thursday Adventure (2014)

BRP Tour 2014 Thursday Adventure GPX file

THMMC 9th Anniversary Celebration (2014)

THMMC 9th Anniversary GPX file

THMMC Dogs and Dash (2014)

THMMC Dogs and Dash GPX file

THMMC The Irish Job (2014)

Note: no GPX file due to nature of the event

THMMC Be Mine Rally (2014)

THMMC Be Mine Rally GPX file


THMMC New Year of Motoring Run (2014)

THMMC New Year of Motoring Run GPX file

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